Monday, August 22

Getting Wise to the Pro-Abortion Lies

Good comments from BreakPoint on the lies from the pro abortion camp. Hat tip to Choose Life for the link.
Alexander Sanger, chairman of International Planned Parenthood, complains that the numbers are “unbelievably shocking.” And he warns: “It’s not just the numbers that are down . . . It’s the enthusiasm.” When Sanger visits colleges, he finds that many no longer have an abortion rights group. But, as he told Glamour magazine, he “has yet to visit one that doesn’t have a strong, vocal faction of pro-life women.”
The fact remains that regardless of what our Courts say or not say, the pro-life movement must continue to work to make a difference in our society, in what people believe about abortion, and in making sure there are resources available to women facing un-planned pregnancies. Good reminder and renewed call to action by Colson. This is where the true battle against Roe-v-Wade is happening--a battle for the hearts and minds of America and the world.