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NSHMBA has launched the careers of thousands of young Hispanics

Found this article in Hispanic Business which is of particular interest to me because I am actually on the board of the Denver Chapter of NSHMBA. Also, this year I started working on my MBA at UCCS and through my participation with NSHMBA,I was awarded a substantial scholarship. I know first hand the impact that NSHMBA is having in the life of Latinos like myself, and the role they are playing in providing networking and real-life experience opportunities for me.

If you are a business owner interested in better connecting with the Hispanic market or finding out more about sponsorship opportunities, email me and let me know how you can get connected with NSHMBA. (Disclaimer: All the work I do for NSHMBA is pro-bono. I did receive a scholarship from NSHMBA, and as such, I am designated NSHMBA ambassador.)

We usually do monthly networking events--great opportunities to meet solid, top-notch Hispanic MBAs. Coming in a couple months, we are having our yearly Speaker Series, which will feature some top executive level speakers and a great VIP reception. Its another good opportunity to connect with the Latino business community here in the Front Range area.

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Masters Plan
July/August 2005, HISPANIC BUSINESS Magazine

Sandra Gonzalez

Mariela Oetinger got more than she bargained for when she approached Safeway Inc. to sponsor a conference for her organization in 2004.

The retail food giant provided $25,000 to the National Society of Hispanic Masters in Business Administration (NSHMBA) and then made Ms. Oetinger an offer she didn't refuse: to join the company as a strategic sourcing solutions manager.

"I asked Safeway to sponsor and they ended up asking me to work for them," says Ms. Oetinger, who left her job at Mervyn's to join the company.

Not everyone finds career success so quickly, of course, but NSHMBA has launched the careers of thousands of young Hispanics since its founding in 1988. From one chapter in Los Angeles, the group now has grown to include 23 chapters with more than 6,000 members. Significantly, NSHMBA has drawn major support from the corporate world for its scholarship fund, which this year reached nearly $1 million. Almost 200 MBA students were awarded scholarships ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 last year.