Monday, August 22

Cuba's Ganji

Good article on the progress for freedom in Cuba and the repressions going on. This goes to show that more has been done for Cuba by this Administration, than any other in a long time. Many thanks to Senator Specter for his stand against Castro's regime. Read the full article from the NY Sun here.
A recent visit by Senator Specter turned up the heat even further. The senator met with dissident leaders just three weeks after Mr. Castro had claimed in a speech that the opposition was dead. As Ms. Clyne reported, dissidents say the visit gave a major moral and political boost to their movement by showing the support of a high-profile American senator for freedom in Cuba. President Bush last year created the new post of "transition coordinator" to oversee American support for the downfall of the current government and to aid a democratic replacement when that downfall happens, a post the president filled late last month by appointing Caleb McCarry in a move that angered Mr. Castro.