Sunday, October 9

Advice to The Green Magazine: Stick to Golf

The Green Magazine had a politically loaded article on Cuba. The full story is not online, but I started reading it and got disgusted half way through the article. Enough to say I will be canceling my subscription.
The Day After...Cuba Beyond Castro
Boxer turned promoter seeks revolution
By Playthell Benjamin

As the Cuban Revolution nears its 50th anniversary, much speculation exists regarding what course Cuban society will take once its aging leader Fidel Castro passes from the scene. Any conjecture on the direction of Cuban society in the post-Castro era begs the question of what will be the character of US/Cuban relations in the future. Internal policy in Cuba has long been shaped by American foreign policy toward that Spanish-speaking Caribbean island ninety miles from the shores of Florida—the largest and most richly endowed island in the region in terms of natural and human resources.

It is impossible to understand the character of Cuban society today and seriously contemplate its future without taking the realities of the 1959 revolution and the American reaction to it into account. Whether considering the poverty that plagues the island, the repressive internal policies, the refugees who brave the Florida straits, the ignorance of many young Cuban Americans about the motivations of the revolution that transformed the island in 1959 and the man who led it, any review is incomplete without an understanding of US policy toward the island nation. This is because the revolution, which has shaped contemporary Cuba more than any other event in the twentieth century, was a reaction to a system of social and economic relations largely determined by US interests.
If any reader has a Green Magazine subscription, and is willing to share perspective, I will gladly post it here as a guest blog post. I may wait a few days, read it carefully, and post more thoughts later on as well.