Sunday, October 9

Chairman Mehlman Unveils New Spanish Language Web Site

Washington DC – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ken Mehlman today unveiled the national committee’s new Spanish language Web site as part of a continued effort to communicate the President’s and Republican Party’s message to all Americans. GOP en Español is another mechanism that encourages more Latinos to get involved, expands the party’s reach, and attracts new Hispanic faces and voices.

The new Web site presents current news and information to the Latino community with recent political updates and information on President Bush’s positive agenda and how it is benefiting Hispanic Americans. Among the new features and tools, GOP en Español offers online voter registration forms for all fifty states, the opportunity to become a volunteer at the local, state, or national level, and a way to sign up to receive and send information, entirely in Spanish.

GOP en Español will also feature “The Latino Corner” or “La Esquina Latina”, a Web cast completely in Spanish where supporters can find the latest political news on how President Bush and the Republican Party are working for Hispanic Americans.
You can check out GOP en Español at