Tuesday, October 11

Just Plain Wrong: Ga. Locals Criticize Mayor on Flying Flag

This story is via Yahoo News and the Associated Press. This is political correctness run amok! I appreciate the Mayor's desire to give respect to the murder victims, but he could have found a strong significant way to do so without being divisive, unpatriotic, and disrespectful to our flag. This is common flag etiquette!
TIFTON, Ga. - A south Georgia mayor said Friday he will continue flying a Mexican flag at city hall for the six immigrant farmworkers slain in robberies — despite complaints from residents.

Seven people called WTIF radio station Thursday, saying the gesture was inappropriate and that the Mexican and U.S. flags should not fly together.

"I did that as an expression of sorrow to the Hispanic community," Mayor Paul Johnson said. "For those who we offended, I apologize, but I think it was the right thing to do."

The red, white and green Mexican flag, donated by the Colombian-born priest of Tifton's only Roman Catholic church, was first raised Monday and taken down Thursday because it was damaged by Tropical Storm Tammy.

The mayor has requested a new flag and pledged the display would last six days, one for each man slain.
Hat tip to LatinoPundit for the link.

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