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Schumer Wants to Call Dobson to Testify Before the Judiciary Committee


Ed Morrissey was doing a web chat today on the web site, and got hit with a question about Dobson's comments.

Morrilton, Ark.: Why is an inquiry not being launched into the comments made by James Dobson on his response to the Harriet Miers' appointment? If, in fact, a person or persons unknown were doing "back door dealings" on pre-existing laws already in place by past judges would this not be grounds to nullify the appointment.

Ed Morrissey: Arlen Specter says he will address this during the hearings. I'd certainly be interested in hearing Dr. Dobson explain this a bit more.

Am I missing something? What is the big deal about this conversation?

The discussion is a good read, so head on over and check out the whole thing.


More on this story via Alleged Rove secret riles senators
Schumer said Dobson should be called to testify when the Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearings on Miers, a step Specter did not rule out.

"The Senate Judiciary Committee is entitled to know whatever the White House knew," said Specter, who chairs the committee.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Rove said he shared no secret about Miers or her potential future votes.

"In his outreach calls to Dr. Dobson as well as many others, including members of Congress, at no point did anyone ask nor did Karl offer any indication of how Harriet would vote on any particular case that may come before the court," Perino said.

Dobson was not available yesterday, but a spokesman said he would not talk about his conversation with Rove. He added that Dobson could not comment on an invitation to appear before the Senate.

Perino said Rove spoke of his 15 years working with Miers. The ground he covered included, she said, "her conservative judicial philosophy that matches the president's, her qualifications to be a Supreme Court justice and her vast knowledge of the constitution and constitutional law based on 30 years of legal practice, including five years in the White House, where such knowledge is not only required but relied upon daily as decisions come before her."

That statement did not satisfy Schumer. He said, "Mr. Dobson has made some strong statements, and he must let the public know what he knows."
It's looking like they are just trying to "create" a controversy--anything to use as an excuse for their delay and obstruction tactics.


Via RedHot pages. Is this a "divide and conquer" attempt?
Rove called Dobson? [Mark Kilmer]
On CBS's Face the Nation, Chuckie Schumer just charged that Karl Rove himself called James Dobson and whispered reassurances regarding Miers. Schumer wants to call Dobson to testify before the J Committee about what Rove "whispered." Asked if the committee would subpoena Dobson, Schumer said that "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

For their sake, let's hope Teddy Kennedy doesn't lead that particular expedition. Posted at 10/09/2005 10:55:20 AM EST - #

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