Tuesday, October 11

Tancredo: Sell Federal Land to Offset Massive Debt

Tancredo's congressional web site is announcing the introduction of bill H.R. 3855 that proposes the sale of 15% of Federal land, which he is reporting would generate almost $148 billion.

I am not so sure this is good news. I am glad Tancredo is looking for ways to offset the expenses, but this sounds to me like a way for the government to get their hands on more money, not reducing how much they spend! Ultimately, it would not reduce the amount of pork spending.

All it will do is allow them to continue on in their spending, and if not controlled carefully, may actually generate new expenditures. The idea is to reduce spending, not sell of property to allow for a continued increase in spending.
WASHINGTON, D.C.; Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has introduced H.R. 3855 to secure the sale of 15% of federal land to offset the massive debt accumulated from Hurricane Katrina relief and reconstruction. The sale of federal land would generate almost $148 billion in Katrina relief.

Read about the bill (H.R. 3855)
Read the full text of the bill (H.R. 3855)

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