Tuesday, October 11

Cuban Catholics Relying on "Prayer Homes"

The truth about Castro's revolution is that it is starving the people. Thankfully, the faithful find a way to worship regardless of the circumstances. Despite Castro, and the economic starvation he is imposing, on what used to be a very prosperous nation, Catholics are thriving. This is what is coming to Venezuela.
VATICAN CITY, OCT. 11, 2005 (Zenit.org).- It's practically impossible for Catholics in Cuba to build new churches, so "prayer homes" have opened to gather small Christian communities, a Cuban prelate told the Synod of Bishops.

Auxiliary Bishop Alfredo Victor Petit Vergel of Havana presented a report Monday to the synod on how the local Church lives its relationship with the Eucharist.

Given "the difficulty and virtual impossibility of constructing new temples," explained the prelate, "we have what is called 'prayer homes' or 'mission homes' in
the suburbs and in the small villages and country homes where, each week or as often as possible, a small group of faithful, not more than 40, gather under the guidance of a committed lay person, a religious or a deacon."
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