Thursday, October 13

Cuban Writer Garcia is Dreaming of her New Book Deal

This comes via Publisher's Lunch and hat tip to VivirLatino. I had never heard of Cristina Garcia? Any of Cubans out there that have read it that could comment on her books? Is her work any good? Is anyone familiar with her political stand and wordview perspective?
Cuban born and NYC raised writer, Cristina Garcia, just signed a deal for an undisclosed amount with publisher Knopf, a division of Random House. The deal is for Garcia's fourth book, titled A Handbook to Luck. The story unfolds in Cuba, Iran, Salvador, and the U.S and deals with themes seen in her previous books, Dreaming in Cuban,The Aguero Sisters,and Monkey Hunting, namely the immigrant experience. I have truly enjoyed all of Garcia's books so far and congratulate her on the deal and wish her continued success.