Sunday, October 9

PARADE: Chavez Bankrolling Castro and Terrorism

It was surprised to find this quote in a mainstream media publication, Parade Magazine (insert in many Sunday papers). This came out of Walter Scott's Personality Parade column in today's issue, through the Denver post & Rocky Mountain News. A reader by the name of Robert Henry, from Los Angeles, CA, asks where Fidel Castro is getting the money to shore up his bankrupt regime. Here is Scott's response:
In the wake of the collapse of the USSR, which bankrolled him to the tune of $4 billion a year, Castro has turned to Hugo Chavez, Marxist president of Venezuela, the world's fifth-largest oil-exporter. In addition to shoring up Castro, he's funding revolutionaries and terrorists throughout Latin America.
Way to go Mr. Scott! Your courage to write the truth gives you credibility--a rare thing in the mainstream print media.

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