Tuesday, October 11

LatinoPundit: Fine the businesses that hire illegals

LatinoPundit proposes a simple solution to illegal immigration--cut off the demand.
One sentence: Fine the businesses that hire illegals. Fine Walmart, fine construction companies, fine whoever...and fine heavily! If you are not promoting that then you really are not serious. Screw the borders, screw policy, screw everything except fining the companies that hire illegal immigrants. Put that on the plate.
A reader points out that penalties are already in place, but fake IDs make it difficult. He calls for a national ID.
That won't work unless there is a national I.D. card. Most businesses who hire illegals don't know for sure if the person is illegal. The illegals use false I.D.

There are already very heavy penalties for knowingly hiring illegals.
Posted by James at October 7, 2005 06:27 AM
It is a very difficult challenge to address, but it's good to hear another Latino talking openly about the problem and proposing solutions.

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