Saturday, April 15

Cuba accuses Mexican authorities of human trafficking

Today is the first time I read about this story. Anyone else know more? I searched BabaluBlog, but could not find a reference--did I miss something? These are American citizens, which makes me wonder what is the American interest section doing about it?
Havana, Cuba, April 7, 2006 (AFP) - This Thursday Cuba accused the Mexican authorities in Quintana Roo of being involved in an aborted human trafficking operation, which left one dead person and another wounded. This reaffirms the reports that there is a complex network that uses Mexico as an illegal bridge to the US.

Mexican and Cuban media "have reported the growing human trafficking of Cubans through Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and other places in Quintana Roo to the US," stated an official document released on Thursday by the newspaper "Granna."

In that operation, "Cuban-origin 'balseros,' Mexican fishermen, authorities from that Mexican state, and people from the anti-Cuban mafia living there and that have contacts in Miami" are implicated.

The document added that the ship that was captured, with Florida registration number, belongs to American John Roberto, Cuban-origin, and that calls himself "Tiburon Azul" (blue shark), "who has been linked to Cuban people traffic from Pinar del Rio to Mexico."

According to the report, since the ship offered resistance, the Cuban Border-keeper Troops fired at it. This left one person dead and another wounded, who was arrested along with another person on board.

The arrested are American-naturalized Cubans Rafael Mesa Fariñas, and Rosendo Salgado Castro. Their passports "had the authorization to get into Quintana Roo," for March 13 and 29 respectively.
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