Tuesday, April 11

Youth suicide USED for the "immigrant's" cause

Maegan la Mala posted on Vivir Latino a sensationalist headline that sounds to me a lot like socialist propaganda. What is this--a revolution? I am sure that is what rally organizers would want it to be. But this is America, and in America, change happens differently! We vote. We contact our representatives. We obey and live under the law. I know that is to much to ask of some people, but I digress--following is a post I read at Vivir Latino.

The headline reads, "First Martyr of Current Immigration Struggle: Age 14"
14 year old Anthony Soltero, an organizer of student walkouts at De Anza Middle School in California, shot and killed himself on March 30 after being forbidden to attend graduation activities, being threatened with fines against his mother for his "truancy" and participation in the student protests, and being told that he was going to prison for three years because of his involvement as an organizer of the school walk-outs by the assistant principal of his school.

Anthony's mother, Louise Corales said:
I want to speak out to other parents, whose children are attending the continuing protests this week. We have to let the schools know that they can't punish our children for exercising their rights.
Lets be clear--Anthony was no martyr. At best, he was a misguided youth who lost sight of his priorities, and in his moment of despair, committed suicide. At worst, he is a victim of left-wing organizations that are profiting from the immigrant unrest. These organizations are not acting with care about the immigrant, or their jobs, or their education--they only care about making a political statement. I am sorry for his death, and I am sorry for his family, but for left-wing bloggers to use his death for their cause and call him a martyr cheapens the sacrifices from those who have truly died for freedom or faith.

Let's analyze what happened here. The young man skipped school, and encouraged disorderly behavior and truancy among other students. There is no mention of missed assignments, missed classes, exams, etc. I would also like to know if his mother--Mrs. Corales--was in the country legally? I am sorry Mrs. Corales--your son had no right to endanger other children's future by encouraging truancy. Your son had no "right" to skip school. Your son had no right to break school rules, and endanger himself by walking in traffic, potentially placing a huge liability on the school's administration entrusted with his care. He broke the rules. I'm not saying this was a crime, and he certainly did not deserve death--no child does--but to connect the dots and claim his struggle for his "rights" drove him to suicide is a bit far fetched.

He made a choice to place these rallies above his education and his graduation. He made a choice to "organize" and influence other children in doing the same. And at the end, he made a choice to end his life instead of facing the consequences that came with his choices. Thousands of youth, for one reason or the other, are faced with similarly difficult choices, and no one forces them to commit suicide. It's tragic. Its sad. It's not martydom.

But if you want to blame someone, I wonder if the California Spanish language DJ's are going to be held responsible for encouraging this child's truancy? Will someone call out the school administrators or teachers that encouraged kids to walk out and protest? Will we hold his school's MECHA chapter advisor responsible? Will we express outrage at whoever it is that provided school busses to get kids to these protests?

Let's place our blame where it should go. This was no martyr--its just another sad, tragic statistic.

Here is my prediction: If these left-wing groups don't calm down, and start taking a more astute and toned-down approach to this issue, they are going to insight the biggest backlash towards immigration in general, and towards Mexicans specifically, that this country has ever seen! They cannot win this battle in the media battlefield. You cannot win in the information warfare. At best, if they are smart, they could gain a lot--but not in the direction they are taking.

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