Wednesday, April 12

Response from Megan on youth suicide

I'm sorry Megain--it was not my intent to attack you, but the basic idea you are proposing. The boys death is sad. I can't understand what that must be like. But to use the word martyr is just wrong.

To be fair, my previous post was strong. Here is Megan's response. Just trying to be fair and balanced...trying.
Since you chose to attack me here rather than attempt to engage in a serious honest debate where I posted the article, I will respond to you here.

Looking at social justice movements throughout history (because I take a historial approach rather than a spoon fed approach fed to me by the U.S. government as to waht democracy looks like), toned down, pandering to the powers that be to make ourselves as Latinos, people of color, poor people, more palatable have gotten us nowhere.

What are are effectively saying is that because of his choice to particpate in actions that are (allegedly) protected by the Constitution, he deserved what he got, death.

As a women who has dedicated many years of my life to social justice, I have no problem with calling this, yes part of a revolution. I make no attempt to hide my political leanings. If you really feel that by kissing political culo you will help Latinos and society at large, well then what would you say to the civil rights movement of the 60's and their yes- gasp- breaking the law.

Sometimes when laws are unjust or when laws are being threatened that violate the human rights of fellow human beings, then yes, they should be broken. In the words of Don Pedro Albizu Campos- when tyranny is the law, revolution (yes revolution) is order.

Yes this is the United States, where it was voted on to make slaves part of a whole person, where Puerto Rican women were sterilized against their will, where racial profiling and the prison industrial complex threaten young people.

Yeah making us more palatable to the mainstream have gotten us so far.

Shame on you, as a Latino and as a human being for blaming this child and his mother.
What do you all think? I welcome comments from either side.