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How not to do grassroots blogger campaigns

Update 2: Email response from DarkSyde:
I didn't post this out of fairness. I may next time you screw up though if my interest hasn't faded and I'm already losing interest: And there will be no link included to your blog in that event, simply a brutal takedown with links and references with you playing leading man.
On short, you're quite simply as wrong as you can be. I've sent a total of two emails and both were to conservative bloggers whose past entries indicated to me they held reasonable views. You were one of them.
Lesson 1: Read and know the political perspective and if possible, party affiliation, of the bloggers you are trying to reach

How to do it: Um, reading the bloggers you are going to be requesting support from my be helpful..
Lesson 2: Don't sterotype and don't assume. Just because I am of Latino heritage, does not mean I support open borders, illegal immigration, or anything liberal or left-wing for that matter.
I would ask the same of you. You most definitely did follow the precise path you incorrectly ascribed to me. I do not support open borders nor am I a classic liberal by any means. You simply assumed I was a 'leftie' or a 'liberal' merely because I blog at Daily Kos.

All this is easily available on my homepage or you could have asked me. It is you who failed to do your homework in what I can only guess is projection or arrogance, a propensity which seems to infect the perverse incarnation of conservative values you strangely support.

That would be no big deal, after all I'm a pro and you're just a part timer. But you decided to gone on and laughably denigrate me for doing exactly what you failed to do. Or was your prescription of due diligence only applicable to others with a special exclusion for yourself?

If so, that might play in the sticks, but if you ever earn some serious traffic, that kind of thing will leave you gasping in embarrassment while your exemplar of hypocrisy makes the rounds.

How about we chalk up your failures to simple misunderstanding?


Update: Here is DarkSyde's response posted in the comments:
I assumed you cared about accuracy and truth. Political servitude simply did not enter the pciture. As a former Republican, the qualities of truth, accuracy, accountability, and responsibility, matter to me dearly. Perhaps then you can understand why I left the GOP causus. And sadly, I think I now understand why you've remained.

My response to his comments...

I do care about accuracy and truth--real truth, not the make-believe truth the extreem left lives in! You know what I mean when I say your make-believe truth, right? I'm talking about the "Michael Moore" fiction documentary sort of truth? Right! Now, I don't know if you are part of the extreem left or not, but Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi certainly strike me as the "out of touch" type.

Don't even come talking to me about accountability--the left is completely unable to clean its own house--what can you tell me about accountability. I'll agree, the GOP has its corruption problems, but we clean house. That's what voters know, and that's why you keep losing elections.

Truth: Illegal aliens are breaking our nations laws.
Truth: Most legal immigrants are against illegal immigration and are in favor of a secured border. Read the research man! Get your facts.
Truth: The Democrats obstructed in the Senate in order to gain political profit from the debate. I was watching C-Span like the rest of the world. The MSM doesn't dictate the message anymore.
Truth: The Democrats stand against everything a majority of Latinos value--marriage between a man and a woman, life from conception, a value and appreciation for faith.
Truth: Democrats hide from the truth about their own corruption and refuse to take responsibility for the corruption and mistakes within their own party....the list would be just to large to list on this post.

Why, do tell, would I want to leave the GOP?

Now, I'll repeate--I have no idea who this person is who emailed me. I just thought it was interesting that he thought this would be the sort of thing I would support. Honestly, I would love to know what post on my blog gave him that idea.

Lesson 1: Read and know the political perspective and if possible, party affiliation, of the bloggers you are trying to reach.

How to do it: Um, reading the bloggers you are going to be requesting support from my be helpful.

Lesson 2: Don't stereotype and don't assume. Just because I am of Latino heritage, does not mean I support open borders, illegal immigration, or anything liberal or left-wing for that matter.

This email tells me that DarkSyde either assumed I would be supportive when he found my address, or he bought an email list of Latino bloggers--and assumed all Latinos are in favor of the Liberal perspective on immigration. Either way, wrong!

Lesson 3: Check for typos and spelling errors. And the whole web abbreviation thing--just doesn't work for me. Please write complete words, unless there is a proper abbreviation for the word.

I'm really glad to hear the GOP is taking the offensive on this issue, and calling out Reid for his obstruction in the Senate! I hope they keep it up.

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