Saturday, April 15

Washington Post -- The Left, Online and Outraged

Hugh Hewitt says this about the left, in response to a Washington Post article:
The left has become disfigured because the excess that dominates the lefty blogs is absorbed by rank-and-file activists and encouraged by the Democratic Party leadership, which embraces, posts at and praises the blogs that are among the angriest and most vulgar/profane/hate-filled.

The collapse of the left's ability to engage in politics will continue and in fact accelerate unless and until the leaders of the Democratic Party rebuke the party's activist base and its spokesmen, which is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

The best thing the GOP has going for it in November, 2006 and in the presidential campaign to follow is the fury of the unhinged left. The vast majority of Americans reject politics of this sort, but there's no hiding what the left has become or the Democrats' endorsement of it.

Irrational. Bullies. It's to bad, because it takes away from what could and should be healthy discourse. But, they are the ones that are being left out. There is plenty of diversity of opinions and views on the right, and within the GOP. It's what keeps conservatives healthy and engaged.