Friday, April 14

Today's Must Read: The world is actually bigger than you

You must read La Ventanita's essay, responding to recent criticism of Val Prieto from
"The world is actually bigger than Cuba and South Florida. Hard to believe, I know, but not everyone...cares about the stuff you lost in 1959. Or 1968. Or whenever. Yes, it's sad. But most people in the world just...don't care."

That was one of the nation's 25 most influential Hispanics by Time magazine speaking to a fellow Cuban blogger who chooses to blog about his passion speaking against Fidel Castro and daily trying to put the truth about the real Cuba out there; debunking all those nice, flowery, nostalgic NYT Cuba and Fidel Castro (and oh yes, Che Guevara too) stories. Setting the record straight; disseminating truth.