Tuesday, April 11

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid: secure our borders?

What do you mean, Mr. Reid? What does "secure" mean? Talk is cheap, Mr. Reid.

I got this press release via the Hispanic PR Wire today--very smart. It's a load of crap! So, according to Reid, those who would ask for real border security are fringe right wing!
"Democrats are united on the need to reform our broken immigration system and it will ultimately depend on Republicans to choose between standing up to the radical right wing of their party, and joining Democrats to approve practical, tough, and smart reforms to our immigration system, or they can continue to play politics with our national security and immigrant'’s rights."
Who was offering amendments in an attempt to reach a compromise? The Republicans. And who was blocking and filibustering these amendments, preventing any solution? The Democrats. Words are cheap! In the case of Democrats, they are worthless! Stop obstructing Mr. Reid.

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