Tuesday, April 11

Immigrant spokesmen promote grievances, not gratitude, much less patriotism

Thomas Sowell's column is a must read for the day. As usuall, he gets down to the unseen factors of the issue. It affirms what I have been saying--this is more about the voice of the so-called immigrant "leadership" and much less about what immigrants really want. Who benefits the most by the rise of the immigrant masses? Answer me that...
Today, immigrant spokesmen promote grievances, not gratitude, much less patriotism. Moreover, many native-born Americans also promote a sense of separatism and grievance and, through "multi-culturalism," strive to keep immigrants foreign and disaffected.

This is not to say that all or most of the illegal immigrants themselves share this anti-establishment or anti-American bias of many of their spokesmen or supporters. Most are probably here to make a buck and have little time for ideology.

Hispanic activists themselves recognize that many of the immigrants from Mexico -- legal or illegal -- would assimilate into American society in the absence of these activists' efforts to keep them a separate constituency. But these efforts are widespread and unrelenting, a fact that cannot be ignored.
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