Saturday, April 15

Trying to rest -- Immigration round up

I'm at the in-laws, so I am really going to try to stay away from the blog today.

For all the immigration junkies, here is a round up of links provided by Michelle Malkin. Check out blog and great posts on what is going on around the world this Easter weekend.

Patterico takes on an open borders propagandist at the Los Angeles Times.

Tim Graham takes on the open borders coverage at the Washington Post.

Ben Johnson decodes the MSM's immigration doublespeak.

The New York Times recycles old news to decry law enforcement officials trying to--gasp!--enforce immigration laws.

John O'Sullivan examines "No Illegal Alien Left Behind" politics.

I'v been reading up on the Hilton and the Fran O'Brien's story--if you haven't, you must read all about it. Bad PR can come in an instant in today's blogosphere. There is a lesson for the world's corporations in this.

Have a blessed weekend.