Thursday, April 27

Diverse Americans Ponder Meaning of National Loyalty

I participated and gave a small contribution to a piece by Newhouse News Service on the meaning of national allegiance. Here is my little part--make sure to read the whole article.
As a son of refugees, I was blessed to be born in this nation. America was founded on the idea that our rights are endowed by the creator -- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness -- regardless of who you are. These are values that transcend my ethnic heritage. I stand loyal to America and the values espoused in the founding documents. My allegiance means that I will continue to believe in and defend what America is and will continue to be -- a great and blessed nation.
Dru Sefton:
You probably missed it last May when President Bush called on you -- well, specifically, "the people of the United States" -- to observe Loyalty Day by reaffirming allegiance to the nation and flying the flag.

In fact, presidents have been doing this since 1959, after a joint resolution of Congress designated May 1 as Loyalty Day.
Let us all celebrate it--one nation under God!