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Nuestro Himno: My Two Cents

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This is really not that complicated. It's a national anthem--a symbol of our heritage. Like with all other symbols, there is a particular etiquette that goes with how these symbols should be treated.

With the flag, for example, you are to raise it in a particular respectful way, and display it in a certain way.

So it is with our national anthem. To make lyrical changes, and to sing it in Spanish amounts to a disrespect to the tradition and heritage that is inherently connected to the song. The question has been asked, and it is fair to ask, "What would the people of Latin America think if Americans where singing their songs in English, and even modifying its original words and meanings?" There would be riots. I mean, look at what the French president did the other day, just because another Frenchman was speaking in English!

The pundits on the side of the illegal alien strikes would tell you that this song is all about Latinos voicing their love for America. That this allows Latinos to identify with their adopted country. Hogwash! These do NOT represent the millions of legal Caribbean, Central and South American immigrants and political refugees in this country. For every one of those faces you see on your TV, there are hundreds that are staying home, going to work, taking English lessons, fighting in our military, protecting our borders, and just being Americans. Thousands of us who cringe as we imagine the "image" these rallies are creating in most Americans about the true grateful Latino immigrant who's only desire is to continue living and being an American.

If Latinos want to express their love for all things American, then learn English, recite the pledge in English, and sing the national anthem in English. Adopt our values. Learn our traditions. Become one of us.

Michelle Malkin

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