Tuesday, April 25

Power Line: Video Volunteers Wanted

If you have a camera, check the details out here.

On May 1, illegal immigration activists are calling for a strike and related activities (or non-activities, like not buying anything). Demonstrations are scheduled for many cities in conjunction with the strike; the complete list is here. The day's events should be interesting from a number of perspectives. Immigration activists are divided over the strike tactic, and some have urged illegals not to participate. Conflicts have developed over leadership of the "movement," with some leaders trying to distance themselves from International ANSWER. Some activists want to preserve the mischievous toddlers image; others present quite a different picture.

Once again, we are asking for volunteers to participate in gathering raw news data in the form of video footage. This time, we are expanding on our initial experiment. We don't want to give away too much, but production of the finished video will be supervised by a professional filmmaker.

If you are willing to commit to shoot a rally or other events in your locality, please send us an email--not to our general mailbox, but to powerlinenews@gmail.com.
They list the major events they would like covered in NY, LA, and San Francisco. If you are out there, go for it.

HT: Hot Air.