Tuesday, April 25

Reconquista Gathering With Many Photos: The Future of America?

I refuse to accept that this is the future of America, and I can guarantee that America will NEVER allow it. They are waking a slumbering giant. HT: Michelle Malkin

Via Free Republic:
Yesterday, there was a Chicano Park celebration in San Diego attended by thousands. Not much different than the marches and rallies we've witnessed by illegals over the past weeks.

These photos are just a window into the goals and mindset of the Mexicans and others who are currently invading the American Southwest. They are taking back what they claim is theirs. You be the judge.

Do you want maybe 100 million folks like this living amongst us in a generation clamoring for the same nonsense? According to most polls including those on this Forum, most Americans do not want this.

Please alert your Congresscritter now and let's work for secured borders and a sane immigration policy.
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