Wednesday, April 26

Support a conservative Iraq vet for Congress. Support Van Taylor

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Chet Edwards is a Democrat representing TX-17, the congressional district the President's Crawford ranch is in. That district also voted for the President by 70% in 2004. That district is very Republican. No one who supports taking away your property and giving it to someone else should be in that seat. A Democrat should not be in that seat.

There is a way to kick Chet Edwards out of Congress. Support Van Taylor. He is a Republican and he is conservative. Van Taylor is also a veteran of the Iraq War.

We can strike a blow for property rights by helping Van Taylor. Let's help him raise $10,000.00. We're almost there. Give what you can give. Add $0.06 to the total to make sure they know where you are coming from.
Got this via email from Casey Phillips, the Campaign Manager for Van Taylor for congress.
...we are so appreciative of the fact that the netroots has gotten behind us. It is a great opportunity to pick up a seat for the GOP. We are also going to be getting earned media out of this.

Let me tell you why else this is important, pure number of donors. Because of this small donation campaign, we are set to pass the incumbent on number of individual contributors, that is HUGE for a challenger.
Join in. Make a difference. Walk the talk.

Update: From krempasky at
...You can't complain about the lack of leading conservatives in Congress. It's that simple. We all have obligations, priorities, budgets and plans. But investing in your politics is important, people. Blogging isn't enough. Commenting isn't enough. Telling your friends, while valuable, isn't enough.

You want influence? Consider this: the biggest PAC in the world can only give $5,000 per election - and you better believe that people notice when Association X makes that kind of committment of support. We're about to do twice that as a community.
I put in my $25.oo -- not much, but it was what I could afford. Don't forget to ad .06 cents to your donation, so they know its from us.