Sunday, April 23

From the women and children of the people of the U.S.A.

Got this via email today.

The flawless English tells me they evidently have the support and help of American non-profits. Its interesting to say the least. From what I can tell, there some good work going on in support of these "widowed" women. I'm going to try to get in touch with some of these women directly and get more.

I have said it before--these are the victims of our convuluted immigration policy and lack of enforcement backbone. Click here and read the transalated messages from wives, mothers, and sisters begging for the return of their men.
Please: Close the United States Border to Illegal Migration. Help us to Keep Our Husbands Home with our Families

Dear friends in the United States....

We are Mexican women from villages in the southern Mexico state of Guerrero.

Our brothers and husbands have left us for work in the US.

We strongly support closing the US-Mexico border to illegal entry.

We did not want our men to leave and we want them to return to us.

As we struggle as women, against the difficulty of our situation, we focus all effort on building a business to sustain ourselves and our children.

But we need the help of our husbands and our brothers to re-unite our families and to help us develop economic opportunity in the traditional fashion jewelry production industry that is the heritage of our parents.

Please close the US Border to illegal migration and send our men home to us. Thank you.

Best wishes from Mexico to all persons of good will.

We should continue to be friends and respect each other.


Eusebia Flores
Artcamp Artesanas Campesinas
Tecalpulco, Municipio de Taxco de Alarcon; Guerrero, Mexico
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