Friday, April 28

Fox News -- Mexican born American citizen making anti-American statements

Update: HotAir has the video. The illegal alien strike advocate's name is Javier Rodriguez.

Update 2: Read T. Otamendi comments, "This guy also was today with Lou Dobbs and called President Bush an immoral. Agree with you; this people are damaging our heritage."


You watching Fox news? Dayside just had a spokesperson for the pro-illegal immigration rallies on the air--I didn't write down his name (wasn't in a journalistic mode there). This guy was insane. I just don't know what else to call what I heard. As soon as I find someone who has the video, I'll link to it.

They guy came across really bad. I keep saying it--the unions are using common desperate latinos, both legal immigrants and illegal. The guy brought out Iraq, and said some real anti-American statements. A lady in the audience, with a son in Iraq, got REAL angry. It was very evident that he had no love for America, regardless of what he said, and that his loyalties are not with the United States of America.

The funny thing is, one minute he is saying he is American, but the next, he is saying "you guys bombed Iraqi" and "you guys are killing children." Julliet kept trying to ask him about this--asking about whether he was, as an American, a part of that statement. It was freaky in a way--these guys are just off the edge. He also commented about the Spanish national anthem remake, saying he thought it was a great thing. You should have heard the audience--very vocal about their displeasure with the guy's words.

I personally don't appreciate these sort of people. They make the rest of us legal immigrants or political refugees look bad.