Saturday, April 29

Open Letter From Ordinary Americans in Favor of a Free Cuba

I have joined in signing an open letter to the world making a declaration for freedom for the people of Cuba. You can read the PDF here, and the full text and post at BabaluBlog right here.

Via Hentry "El Conductor" Gomez:
If you agree with the letter then I urge you to electronically “sign” it by either leaving your full name and your city and state of residence in the comments section of this post or by emailing me.
Here is an excerpt of the letter.
We are a group of ordinary Americans, many of us Cuban-Americans, who are united in our desire to see the people of Cuba completely free of the communist dictatorship that has dominated their lives since 1959. We stand behind the President of the United States of America, our elected Representatives in the U.S. Congress, and our Senators who have made the strengthening of sanctions against the Castro regime in Cuba a high foreign policy priority.

In forty-seven years since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution the United States has conducted twelve presidential elections, the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union have fallen; in short the world has changed. In those forty-seven years the United States has on at least two occasions entertained a rapprochement with the Castro regime. In all instances, efforts to reach out and normalize relations between both countries have failed dismally. While almost every variable in the Cuban equation has changed one has remained constant and, of course, that is the leadership of the dictator, Fidel Castro.

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