Saturday, April 29

Reconquista: Taking back the American Southwest

Greg Strange affirms what I have been saying in that these mass rallies are only serving to the benefit of America, and to the detriment of what the illegal immigrant advocates are hoping to achieve.
What if there was a reconquista and Americans didn’t notice until it was too late? It was all moving along quite swimmingly before the recent immigration rallies when most Americans wouldn’t have known a reconquista from a chimichanga. But the word is out thanks to those rallies where hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Hispanics filled American streets waving Mexican flags, displaying insulting banners and making incredibly brazen demands of the country.
Another part that caught my attention (bolding is mine):’s the main thing you need to realize. If the American Southwest had stayed a part of Mexico, then you’d be trying to slip into the American Midwest, or the American Southeast, or the American Northeast, or the Pacific Northwest, or the Mid-Atlantic, or the Rocky Mountain West, or the Great Basin, or the Northern Plains, or anywhere other than the “homeland” you’re now making claim to. That’s because if the American Southwest had stayed a part of Mexico, then it would be just as miserable as the rest of that country.

See, it wasn’t some sort of natural, Edenic utopia where the living was intrinsically easy and the type of governance didn’t matter. The reason the American Southwest is prosperous is because it is part of America and not part of Mexico. America has the kind of political, social and economic system that generates prosperity. Mexico, on the other hand, doesn’t. Despite its beauty, vast natural resources and oil wealth, it’s a miserable basket case of a country.

But the profoundly arrogant and ignorant marchers who carried banners like the one described above have zero interest in trying to fix what’s wrong with their real homeland. It’s so much easier to just sneak into a large successful country to the north than it is to hang around and try to turn Mexico into a decent place.

I wouldn't call it a basket case, but things are a mess down there. The key thing here is that this final statment is particulary true for the Mexican leadership. Now, I am sure there are some, perhaps even many, good Mexican political and community leaders that want to see change happen in Mexico. But, what we see is the Mexican government condoning illegal immigration, and even encouraging it. Of course, this has at its roots money! Cash. Millions of dollars being sent back, and helping sustain an economy that should and could be sustaining itself. Why doesn't it? I don't know the facts, but I can take a guess--systematic corruption, exesive central government control, socialist economic policies.
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