Tuesday, August 9

12 Year Old Hero Saves Mom in Wal Mart Parking Lot

What every parent hopes their kid is like. Great feel-good story. Got to read these more often to remember why we work so hard at preserving the values and freedoms we enjoy--for our children.
(CBS4) LAFAYETTE, Colo. Many people are calling a 12-year-old boy a hero after he jumped behind the wheel of his mother's car Saturday evening.

Ryan Sullivan's mother started to have a seizure while driving in a Lafayette Wal-Mart parking lot when she stepped on the gas and rocketed to 65 miles per hour.

"I unbuckled my seatbelt and literally jumped onto my mom's leg and I pulled it off the accelerator," Sullivan said.

He eventually hit a curb, blew out a tire, jammed on the breaks and stopped the car after skidding 80 feet. He narrowly missed at least two other cars and the front door of the store.

Amazingly, he did all of this with one hand. Earlier in the day, Sullivan sprained his wrist while skateboarding.

"Had he not been able to bring that car under control, we may have had multiple fatalities," said Paul Schultz, Lafayette Police chief.