Thursday, August 11

The Exorcism of Emily Rose by Scott Derrickson

Seems like there is a new scary movie coming out that was directed by an alumni out of Biola University. A co-worker comments:
Looks pretty intense. Along the level of the Exorcist. It will be interesting to see how much the Christian aspect will be played out in the story. If the studio will allow it. Hope it does well for him so he can get more work.
Here is from the words of the director.
What do I hope to accomplish? I want to scare the audience, since that's what they're paying for -- to be scared. Beyond that, I hope to enrich them with quality filmmaking, and provoke them to think about the reasonability of the metaphysical. I want everyone who sees this film to come away asking themselves what they believe about demons, the devil, and God. It's not about providing answers, but asking the right questions.
I'm not one for scary movies, but this makes it compelling. The dangers of the spiritual world are real, and often ignored. I hope the movie does what Derrickson hopes.

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