Friday, August 12

Gay Marriage Is Not About Equal Rights For Gays

Well said and right on the money. Let's call it for what it is. The left's attempts to equate gay rights issues to civil rights is laughable. Read what Hispanic Pundit had to say.

…it is special rights for gays.

Currently everybody already has the same rights with regard to marriage. You, homosexuals, heterosexuals, and me are all legally allowed to marry any person of the opposite sex of our choice who is distant from us in terms of kinship and who is not already married. Homosexuals have that very same right.

In other words, homosexuals as citizens of the United States have the same rights as I do. If a homosexual man wanted to marry a female who he is not related to, he could do so just as easily as I can. Homosexuals, as a group, are treated equally with regard to marriage as any other group.

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