Friday, August 12

Colorado Democrats try to protect stunning 2004 victories?

Did I miss the press release? Maybe I was watching the wrong show. Rocky Mountain News reports Colorado Democrats running low on money. It goes on to blame sluggish donations and strict campaign finance laws--anything but low support among constituents.

The funny part is a one line reporter Lynn Bartells felt was important.
The fundraising scramble comes as Democrats try to protect stunning victories it scored last year, and as Republicans are vowing revenge in 2006.
Despite the claim of a stunning victory, facts in regards to the 2004 election show otherwise. While Salazar lied his way into the Senate race with broken campaign promises, and the Democrats did win three US House seats, the Republicans won four seats in the House, and oh, ya, the Presidential race. Bush won by 52% in Colorado to 47% to Kerry. While I cannot claim the Republicans had a stunning victory in CO in 2004, for Democrats to claim such is laughable.