Thursday, August 11

Put the pressure on Cuba like the Pope did to Poland

Great comments by Patd95 on a logical, human-rights driven approach to dealing with Castro. The fact is that if more governments where putting on the pressure on Castro, perhaps there would be something different in Cuba today.
Castro can't die soon enough. Cuba can't be opened soon enough. I have posted many pieces about Castro on my blog and you would have thought I was the Anti-Christ by the hate mail I got. This is one of the last closed societies left on the planet. The 'Beard' needs to die so the world can see what a monster he is, how oppressed the Cubans have been, and how his death will once and for all drive a stake into the heart of agrarian communism.

I would have made this a policy of mine if elected President. If the West and the US are truly driven by protecting human rights, then put the pressure on Cuba like the Pope did to Poland. Mention dissidents imprisoned like Reagan did in the 80s. Give them hope. Give them a voice. The time is now to turn up the heat on Cuba. Castro can't live forever. Let's accelerate his departure from this planet!