Thursday, August 11

Embryonic Stem Cells vs. Adult Stem Cells -- The Truth

A reader over at Fresh Tasty Ideas comments on my post about adult stem cells. Mathew writes,
At Latino Issue, Josue is discussing one of my favorite issues. We both ask how those who advocate abortion and/or embryonic experiments don't want to define when life starts. If we don't know, why not take the "high road?" He makes a good argument that if we take a utilitarian approach to this issue, instead of an ethical one, we are going down a road that history does not look kindly upon.
And here is the readers response to the post.

I find it hard to take that guy serious when he makes false comments like adult stem cells are the same as embryonic ones. There is no debate on this issue, they are NOT the same. Simple fact of biology.

As for the high road I say you are not even attempting to go on the road. Again I ask the question that law makers must make: Given the embryo is equivalent to life who should get more rights the mother or fetus? His "high road" approach doesn't address this and may just abandon the mother.

By Arzhang, at 8:10 AM
To be fair, I want to make sure I am clear about what I was saying. I did not say they are the same, but that Adult stem cells have all the possible uses that are claimed to be the reason why we must do embryonic stem cell research. Make sure to look up the most recent research. It has been proven that Adult stem cells have the same polypotency.
The fact is that Adult stem cells have the same ability to change into every kind of cell, tissue, and organ in the body. Yes, you read that correctly: one of the main reasons embryonic stem cells are flaunted as the gold standard in research is their ability to change into every cell type. Yet, adult stem cells have the same capacity.
This is all I meant to say in my statement. Forgive me for miss communicating. So, the question remains. If, as some claim, we do not know when life starts, then why risk it. All the benefits are available in Adult Stem Cell research without the need of taking the ethical immoral path of killing a human being.