Tuesday, August 9

Grammy winner Marc Cohn shot in head, Suspected Carjacker Arrested

"Grammy winner Marc Cohn shot in head." After a performance last night, Cohn's van was the subject of a botched carjacking and Cohn was shot flush in the temple. "Frankly, I can't tell you how he survived," the Denver police spokesman said. I think we can file this story under "today's good news."

9news.com is reporting an arrest of the suspected shooter
DENVER - On Sunday evening Magnolia Hotel employees called police when they say 26-year-old Joseph Yacteen tried to pay for his room with a stolen credit card. Just more than 24 hours later he was in custody suspected of shooting a Grammy winning performer.

Yacteen is suspected of shooting Marc Cohn, who had a hit with the song "Walking in Memphis" and won the Grammy for best new artist in 1992. Cohn was shot in the temple late Sunday when a man fired into his band's van in a parking garage.
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