Friday, August 12

Being conservative doesn’t mean being in a rural area or being in a small city

Interesting research on Conservatism in cities around the country. Is this sign that Democrats are losing ground even in their usual enclaves--the cities?
Colorado Springs’ placement on the list was enough to destroy a main theory of the Bay Area Center for Voting Research, the nonpartisan California group that conducted the survey.

“One of the trends that we thought we were finding was that conservative cities were smaller and liberal cities were bigger,” researcher Lindsay Hogan said. “Colorado Springs helps to prove that being conservative doesn’t mean being in a rural area or being in a small city.”

The Gazette reports on what one Republican activist accounts for the ranking. The fact that religious individuals and militaries are not voting Democrat says something about the Democrat values and platform. They will continues to lose support in this country.
Republican Party activist Don Gierard cited the large number of military personnel and religious organizations in the city. Other areas may have more of one of the groups or the other, but few can boast the concentrated combined percentage that occupy Colorado Springs, he said.
One thing I would like to have seen is the effect of the Latino vote in the state. CO Latino population continues to grow, and this will have an effect on election results. Latino evangelicals are mobilizing a lot more, providing conservatives candidates with a growing segment of constituents. Focus Action had a strong Spanish campaign to get the "Vote your Values" message to conservative Latino voters nationwide, including radio spots on over 200 stations nation wide, print ads, and voter guides distribution.

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