Sunday, April 30

Full Disclosure and Immigration Watchdog -- Inside the Boycot

Check out the video. Very interesting.
Los Angeles, CA. In anticipation of the May 1st boycott by undocumented immigrants and their sympathizers, the Full Disclosure Network™ is releasing a ten-minute video news blog revealing the behind the scenes tactics and preparations. The video contains exclusive footage and a interview with MAPA President Nativo Lopez, immigrant rights organizer who describes the boycott activities along with Brook Young, a documentary film-maker whose website features very controversial audio messages including one from Professor Angel Gutierrez of the University of Texas attempting to incite students to protest American immigration policies.
See the video here.

There is also more very revealing videos of behind the scenes and voice recordings related to the mass rallies. Check out the blog and the many videos here. I don't endorse everything in there, but the videos document the spirit behind the mass rallies.