Sunday, April 30

World Magazine -- Immigrant purgatory

Via World Magazine, here is a story of the struggle American citizens go through to bring their wives home. Here is one key area where the government could take simple steps to improve and quicken the process. Why is our government separating marriages? Check out the story at the bottom of the page.
Considering what he's been through in the past five months, perhaps U.S. citizen Douglas Mickey should have followed his lawyer's tongue-in-cheek advice to smuggle his Chinese bride into the United States. Paying a coyote to smuggle her across the border would have certainly been cheaper than the approximate $4,000 he'll have to dole out for immigration lawyers and various fees associated with getting his wife a visa. If she gets a visa.
Like Mickey, there are hundreds of American citizens that have gone through this. What do you suppose these voters are telling their senators about immigration reform? I would not be surprised to see the largest immigration backlash since prohibition.