Saturday, May 6

Good Reminder About What Matters

I have been hearing again and again why it is that I vote for the GOP time and time again.

No matter how bad I think the GOP candidate may be, the Alternative is JUST CLEARLY WORST AND UNACCEPTABLE.

I may not like McCain as the GOP presidential candidate come 2008, but regardless of all the maverick games McCain plays, do you truly consider Hillary to be a better option? Is it even acceptable to "teach the GOP a lesson" at the social and moral cost of returning control of the House, Senate or the White House to the extreme liberal left? Have you considered what would happen in the fight for life, the protection of marriage, and our economic growth should Democrats regain power?

Here are the 15 important words Hugh Hewitt presents as key ideas for 2006 and 2008:
Win the war.
Confirm the judges.
Cut the taxes.
Control the spending.
Secure the border.
Can Democrats be trusted to win the war? Can obstructionist liberals be trusted to place constitutionalist judges on our nations benches? Can Democrats be trusted to continue reducing government spending, and cut taxes So, while the GOP hasn't done all that better at reducing spending, but at least there is a better chance.

I would also point to Ken Blackwell in Ohio who I heard speak last night. He represents the new and improved GOP leadership I am looking forward to see moving up the ranks.

finally, I would ask you who was shouting chants from mass illegal immigration rallies over the last months? Obama. Clinton. Kennedy. Can they be trusted to secure our borders to ensure continued safety?

I don't think so. And I think most of America knows this, and we will see this reflected come 2006 and 2008.

A quote from Hugh Hewitt that got me started:
But with the rejection of the immigration approach favored by the Democrats and the mavericks, the appearance of some fiscal discipline among some senators, the slow but certain march towards the confirmation of future Judges Kavanaugh, Boyle, Haynes etc, the word that the White House will be back in the judicial nominations business very soon, and --most of all-- the return of the war to the public's consciousness because of Iran's manifest aggressiveness on nukes and Israel and undeniable threats in Central and South America, suddenly the election if framed --again--- as a choice between the serious though flawed party of victory, growth, and border security and the party of surrender, to both the jihadists abroad and the demands for amnesty now and again in the future at home.