Monday, May 1

Citizen Journalist Needed in LA

HT: Instapundit. Roger L. Simon is looking for help in covering the demonstrations in LA today.
Andrew Marcus (with video camera), Juliette Ochieng (aka baldilocks) and I will be covering the immigration demonstration in LA tomorrow for Pajamas Media. If you are a blogger or just a concerned citizen who would like to help us, we will be rendezvousing in the lobby of the New Otani Hotel (120 S. Los Angeles St.) at 8:30AM. Bring your digital camera and/or tape recorder. Spanish speakers especially welcome.
From a reader at Roger L. Simon, I found this tidbit. Sounds like a good idea--go shopping!
I plan to make a rather large purchase tomorrow (A new barbecue grill) that I have actually delayed until tomorrow for this very reason. Quite frankly, I think someone should show this mess of Che Guevara wannabes who's boss and start tossing them back over the fence. Posted by: Wildmonk
What should I buy...?