Monday, May 1

Still Working Today...and I'll do some shopping tonight

For those that might have wondered. Also, I'll be on the Tammy Bruce radio show at 1PM Easter time. You can listen online here.

The rallies you see today do not speak for a majority of legal immigrants in this nation. They do not speak for me. While we are all free to disagree with our government, these rallies amount to an ungratefull entitlement on top of a mockery of our legal system.

Mark my words--this is going to backfire on them. America has woken up to the reality of reconquista--a minority but a real threat--and to the problem of illegal immigration. To top it off, to most American citizens, the release of "Nuestro Himon" is an alarming afront on the traditions of the American culture. This is not the way for illegal immigrants to gain a popularity contest as a guest in a foreign country.

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