Friday, May 5

Slow Blogging Days

Welcome to all the new readers that continue to pour in from La Shawn Barber, Tammy Bruce, and Hugh Hewitt. I'm going to be out of the office for most of the day today, so blogging is going to be minimal.

I had the honor of listening to Senator Frist this morning, and will be listening to various panel discussions on the important issues of our times. I'll try to get some notes and share what I learn.

Mary Katharine has more on last night's session with Rick Santorum.

I heard Rick Santorum speak tonight. He touched on the vulnerabilities and the opportunities for Republicans in '06 Senate races, speaking candidly about the fact that he is, indeed, vulnerable.

He'll be in the fight of his life this year-- a projected $30 million fight, as a matter of fact.

He also spoke powerfully about the War on Terror, which he would prefer that we more often call exactly what it is-- the War on Islamofascism--even urging the President to speak more openly and more often about just exactly who we're fighting, though it can be an uncomfortable subject in these politically correct times.

I don't agree with Santorum on every issue, but it was a great reminder that we will never get that kind of clarity from a Bob Casey.