Wednesday, May 3

Illegal Immigration--the backlash begins...

Via Michelle Malkin, here is this story from WJLA.
The day labor site in Herndon may have changed the face of politics in Herndon.

Steve DeBenedittis, a resident who opposed the center, has been elected mayor of Herndon, defeating incumbent Michael O'Reilly.

DeBenedittis captured 1,363 votes, 130 more than O'Reilly.
The center opened late last year, replacing a chaotic unofficial site in a 7-Eleven parking lot as a spot for employers to recruit day laborers.

There was also turnover on the Herndon town council, as only two, Dennis Husch and Harlon Reece, were re-elected. Connie Hutchinson, Dave Kirby, Bill Tirrell and Charlie Waddell have been newly elected to the council.

The mayor and town council take office on July 1.

I care about people, and can truly feel for the migrant workers that are looking for a job--but in our country of law and order, there are consequences for breaking the law. This is good. It provides for peace and order in our communities. Go back to your home country, do the best you can, improve yourself, and if you still dream of making a life in America, apply and do it the legal way. Thousands have done it--so can you.

Any politician that insists on creating further incentives that encourage further illegal immigration should be voted out! America welcomes legal immigration, but we want it done right.

La Shawn and Mary Katharine have more on the Herndon election story.

From La Shawn:
A big hat tip to my friends at Help Save Herndon for letting me know about last night’s ouster of Herndon’s mayor and Town Council members who voted for a taxpayer-supported “day labor” center for illegal aliens in Herndon, Virginia, just down the road.

Yes, using public funds for illegal purposes is, well, illegal, but why quibble? Last year I wrote a two-part op-ed for about a then-proposed day labor center in Herndon. For the first part, I interviewed Council Member Dennis Husch — who opposed the center and was reelected to his seat. I sought comment from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the spokesperson fed me an empty line about “working with law enforcement partners.” In the second part, I followed up on the developments.

Good perspective.

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