Saturday, May 6

If you are riding a dead horse...

If you are riding a dead horse, get of it. I heard this saying, or a variant of it, yesterday alluding to the idea of big government conservatism. The horse is dead, and it would serve Republicans well to get of it.

I have been considering the moral and social implications of big government. While I tend to look at political issues from the perspective of how it affects human life, liberty, and the freedom to live out my faith, I believe big government has moral and social consequences beyond just the economic.

Perhaps we need to all be reminded about my economics professor's 11th economic principle; Government does not create money. Did you get that? The government CANNOT create money. Now, it might print paper bills, effectively "stealing" the value of the citizen's money, or it can tax the citizen for the money it needs or wants to operate.

A people suffering the burden of excessive taxation from big government is a people with that much less resources to give to others, to provide for their families, and support their local faith communities.

I say this for those who consider themselves "moral" or "social" conservatives that do not seem to care whether politicians are announcing a new "program" or "initiative" to solve this or that problem. The government does and should act within its LIMITED role and responsibilities. Solving everyone's problem, and providing a "safety net" for this or that special interest does NOT qualify in my mind within the proper role of government.

So, to moral or social conservatives, start paying attention to how our government is spending. A government that continues to be fed by taxpayer's hard work is a government that will continue to enroach on our liberties little by little. The only way to protect our liberties is to ensure that government is staying within the bounds of its proper constitutional role. Big spending government desperately needs to be kept on an ongoing strict diet.

Get of the dead horse. I think many conservatives are starting to understand this.