Thursday, May 4

Mexico in the news

The economy is booming in Sierra Vista, Arizona. From the Sierra Vista Herald:
In March, the management of the Mall at Sierra Vista decided to find out just how much of its sales were coming from Mexican customers. According to marketing coordinator Crystal Rivera, a poll of store owners indicated that roughly 30 percent of all shop purchases were generated by cross-border consumers.

Now, Rivera is trying to figure out the best response to the new data.

"I've been looking for ways to market more to the Mexican community, but I haven't yet located an avenue to do so," she said. "It's a hard demographic to target, especially with them being on the other side of the border."

The chamber of commerce is also looking for a way to reach out.

"(Mexican shoppers) are a big part of our economic base here and we want to do everything we can to attract them," Bullock said. "We don't have anything specific right now (in terms of a marketing strategy), but it's definitely something we're talking about."
With all the negative attention being placed on the left-wing extremist Mexican groups, I thought I would share these articles. I thought this article about our own temporary guests in Mexico not being all that polite was interesting. To be honest, I enjoyed these articles because they remind me that there are regular good people in Mexico that have nothing to do with left-wing radical groups in the U.S. These are good people that, like millions of others all over Latin America, suffer under the burden of corruption and injustice.

It's to bad La Raza and MECHA are destroying the positive image developed by most honest, hard-working, legal Mexican immigrants, and causing increased friction for all immigrants. Like Hugh Hewitt said:
If regularization of illegal immigrants' status had been the goal of the organizers, they would have urged the quick passage of the House bill with its 700 miles of border fencing. With serious border enforcement in the works, a large majority of voters would have supported some regularization program.

But the march organizers don't want that deal. They don't want any deal. They want conflict and polarization.

I'll repeat that--"They want conflict and polarization." They are getting what they asked for.