Tuesday, May 2

A movement commits political suicide

Well said:
May 1st came and went. What happens now?

I think that this movement has run out of gas. Why? It does not have public support. Better put, it has turned off a large majority of Americans.

Rasmussen's latest poll indicates that "24% of American voters have a favorable opinion of the people who have recently marched and protested for immigrant rights in major cities." At the same time, 67% oppose amnesty. (http://rasmussenreports.com)

What happens now?

The movement is stalled because it does not have public support.

Also, there appears to be an internal struggle between the leftist groups and centrist elements. Lou Dobbs reports today that:

"Just how significant is the impact of leftists within the illegal immigration movement? It is no accident that they chose May 1 as their day of demonstration and boycott. It is the worldwide day of commemorative demonstrations by various socialist, communist, and even anarchic organizations."

Mark Krikorian makes a similar point:

"Prominent among the organizers of the street actions have been CISPES, the ANSWER Coalition, and other communist organizations, with CAIR and its ilk joining in, Subcomandante Marcos sending Zapatistas to protest at our embassy in Mexico City--and even Mumia Abu-Jamal expressing his solidarity!" (http://article.nationalreview.com)

In short, this movement committed political suicide. Between now and election day, US politicians will emphasize border security and labor law enforcement. We will see more raids.

What about the "indocumentados"? They were terribly served by the leaders of movement.

They where used by those seeking power--isn't it always that way with the underclass.

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