Wednesday, May 3

Vote them out as well...

I suspect voter turnout is going to be high this coming November. Each time that one of these high-rolling, big-spending politicians comes up for re-election, the voters must speak out--and vote them out.

Via Instapundit:
PORKBUSTERS UPDATE: As Capt. Ed notes, it was a bad day for PorkBusters yesterday.
From Captain Ed.
The projects that got past Senate pork hawks like Tom Coburn were a $200 million bailout of Northrup Grumman for indemnifyng the defense contractor against losses that its insurers refuse to cover. Coburn faced stiff opposition from Trent Lott, the man who apparently wants to make a career out of defying voters on earmarks, and Thad Cochran. Both Republicans insisted that the government needed to replace the loss, even though Northrup made a 7.1% operating margin in 2005, up from 6.7% in 2004 and 5.6% in 2003. That represent $2.4 billion in profit, an increase from $2.3B in 2004 and $1.9B in 2003.

Why does a corporation that made $2.4 billion in profit need another $200 million from American taxpayers to cover a loss they've absorbed in that same year?

Rather than focus resources on the truly needy and on real emergencies, Lott and Cochran have manipulated the relief bill to stick money into Northrup's pockets.
Politicians, or the liberal left, cannot count on anonymity or disinformation as a viable technique to get their way. The monopoly on information is dead--American voters demand accountability, and thanks to the efforts of the blogosphere, we will have it.