Wednesday, May 3

HotAir: Reconquista not a fringe movement

Michelle has a great rant today over at! While I continue to believe that Reconquista is a uniquely Mexican problem, I can see it certainly is not a fringe movement. To be clear, I don't have a problem with Mexicans. I do have a problem with a Mexican government that legalizes drug use, refuses to properly fight illegal immigration, and that continues to officially rely on America's prosperity to subsidize its economy.

As for reconquista, I have experienced it first-hand myself. At a scholarship recipients banquet last year, I heard a reconquista MECHISTA recite a violent, and racist poem. She was a Hardvard graduate, high school teacher, activist, and Mecha student group adviser. She was the special guest of a major Hispanic education support foundation in Colorado invited to talk about the importance of education. When the finished, the entire audience--a mix of American supporters and donors, and Latino students and parents--gave her a standing ovation. Enough to say that I was freaked out, and sat quietly refusing to even clap.

Mexico's anti-American culture is a clear and growing threat to America. From legalizing drug, lack of trafficking enforcement, and encouraging illegal immigration, citizens need to take action and demand our leaders take proper action in defense.

A reader has the right suggestion:
We need to remind our Senators and Representatives who elected them and whose interest they are supposed to represent, the citizens of the U.S. not illegal aliens. I think we all should email or otherwise contact them...
Contact your Senators: co...enators_cfm.cfm

Contact your Representative:

I would encourage legal immigrants of all nationalities to join in on the effort. If immigrants do not stand at the front of this battle, we are the ones that lose the most. Having been given a second chance, I certainly do not want to see my country reduced to multiculturalistic political correctness and the order of law degraded by racially motivated separatist with a bad entitlement attitude.

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